Top Ranked Wire Transfer Casinos

Find the best online casinos accepting the wire transfer casino payments with our complete listing of top ranked wire transfer casinos. Here at Casino Emperor we’ve sorted through thousands of sites to bring you the most secure and entertaining online casinos.

Using the Wire Transfer Casino Payment Method

If you’re looking for a safe and fast way to transfer funds then using the wire transfer casino payment method might be ideal for you. A wire transfer isn’t difficult to send but you will need to know a few things in order to send the money.

First you’ll need to visit the bank (it’s annoying but unfortunately necessary for the wire transfer casino payment option) and place the order for a wire transfer. You’ll be asked how much you’d like to send and also for the IBAN or BIC code for the bank that the money is being sent to. If your casino allows wire transfers they will provide you with the necessary information that you’ll need. The bank will then send a secure message to the recipient’s bank informing them of the payment and its details. The wire transfer online casino payment isn’t instant and may take up to a few hours or occasionally even days for the funds to be processed.

In order for the money to be sent via wire the financial institutions have to have accounts with one another otherwise the money will have to be sent to a bank that does have a relationship with the other bank. What this means is that if the banks don’t have a direct relationship your transfer will most likely take longer to process. One of the downsides to using wire transfer online casino payment method is that the banks do charge a fee for this service and it can sometimes be a pretty hefty chunk of change. To give you an idea Bank of America charges $25 to send a transfer in the US and $35 to $45 for an international transfer.

While they can be quite expensive we’d recommend the wire transfer casino payments to players who are going to be making very large deposits and who want to ensure that their money will be sent safely. Wire transfer is considered one of the absolutely safest ways of transferring funds as they are only handled by banks and are encrypted to prevent fraud.

All in all if you are looking for secure way to send a large deposit your best bet is to choose one of the top ranked wire transfer casinos listed above.