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Get listings of the top ranked Western Union casinos here at Casino Emperor. The online casinos you see listed here only represent the very best and have been thoroughly researched and verified before being posted.

About Western Union Casino Payments

Aside from their traditional wire service the Western Union casino payment method also has a number of other services including person to person transfer, money orders, prepaid cards and more. The other great thing about working with Western Union casino payments is that they have locations everywhere.

However, while they might seem like a more old fashioned approach to sending money they do have a few more high tech features that keep them up to speed with the times. The easiest way to make Western Union casino payments is to use their online site to send wire transfers anywhere in the world. You can fund the transfers using a Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo or Delta card and best of all the service is available 24 hours a day.

If for whatever reason you aren't interested in the more traditional wires that the Western Union casino payment service offers then you can opt for their prepaid MasterCard instead. What makes it different than any of the other prepaid cards out there though? Well, unlike most of the other cards this one offers lower transaction rates and only charges a $4.95 monthly fee. However the fee is waived if you have your employer deposit your wages to the card. You can also top the card up for free using your bank account. So, all in all this makes for a solid alternative to the fantastic wire service and offers much more flexibility than other competing cards.

However, when it comes to wiring money using the Western Union online casino payment method is definitely the way to go. Whether you arrange the transfer at one of their thousands of agents or using their website you can send money in minutes to anywhere else in the world. The other reassuring thing is that is a company that has been in business for over 150 years. They are beyond reliable and have a fantastic customer support team which is available around the clock both over the phone or by email.

All in all Western Union casino payments are a safe and established way to fund your online casino account without the hassle of creating new online accounts. So, for a list of the very best Western Union casinos take a look at the above listings.