Top Rated Visa Casinos

Casino Emperor has scoured the net to bring you listings of the very best casinos that accept Visa. The featured online casinos are only added to our exclusive list once they have been thoroughly researched and checked not only for their bonuses and customer service but also security, game selection and more. So, relax and save yourself a few hours by browsing our listing of the top Visa casinos.

Visa Casino Payment Benefits

Using Visa casino payments is one of the simplest ways to transfer money directly to an online casino account. Since most people already have a credit card and are more than familiar with their use they are a great way to fund an account since you don't need to create or fund a new online payment service or learn how it works. They also usually carry lower fees than the e-wallet services that are more widely promoted. However, one of the best things about payments made using the Visa casino payment method is that deposits are more or less instantaneous unlike some of the other payment options.

All in all Visa casino payments are one of the safest ways to transfer money online. While many are concerned about identity theft or fraud it isn't such a problem anymore thanks to advances in encryption technology and online casino security. Not to mention that most cards offer a fraud protection plan that reimburses cardholders for any fraudulent activities in Visa casinos or elsewhere.

Downsides to Visa Casino Payments

There may be a snag paying at Visa casinos depending on who issues your card. Some companies don't permit online casino payments due to the UIGEA legislation as well as the higher rate of charge backs. This is especially confusing because the casino might accept the Visa casino payment method but the card issuer can still choose to deny the transaction. Some will casinos that accept Visa payments permit the transactions but have a lower transaction limit than what the casino allows. You should be able to get more information on any limits or restrictions from the company that issues your card.

One other main downside is that many casinos don't offer bonuses for Visa casino payments. While these bonuses aren't usually that large they still offer up to a 20% bonus on deposits made with the larger e-wallet services.