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Looking for the most secure and highly recommended online casinos that accept the Solo casino payment method? At Casino Emperor we have a complete listing of the top ranked Solo casinos. All of our featured casinos have been reviewed to ensure that they offer only the best software, game selection, customer service and more.

About Solo Payment Method

The Solo casino payment method is a major UK debit card brand, the other being Maestro, which is now being offered under MasterCard. The primary difference between the two types of cards is that Maestro must have an existing bank account, whereas with the Solo casino payment method the amount can be prepaid.

The Solo casino payment method is a popular debit card which is issued only in UK and currently has about 5 million cards in circulation. These cards are accepted in thousands of retail outlets as well as many online casinos. Best of all the Solo online casino payment method offers instant deposit & withdrawals (no processing time), the ability to track your purchases and withdrawals online, and much lower transaction fees than e-wallets or wire transfers.

Participating Solo casinos also offer players a high level security and control since the card is linked to a bank account and is protected by their anti-fraud systems and guarantees. Cardholders can also set either daily or weekly spending limits and all deposits are credited to your online casino account immediately. Winnings can also be deposited in your bank account via the Solo online casino payment method.

There are deposit limits when using the Solo casino payment method. However, these limits are similar to what is placed on any other debit or card like Visa, Maestro or Mastercard. Of, course the limits depend upon your particular VIP status at the casino you are playing at, as well as bank limits and current account balance. The minimum deposit is usually $20 and the max amount is usually between $2,000 to $5,000 per transfer.