Best Rated Paysafecard Casinos

Looking to find the top ranked Paysafecard casinos? Then you've come to right site. Casino Emperor has scoured the web in order to bring you the most up to date listing of the top online casinos which are accepting the popular Paysafecard casino payment option.

The Paysafecard Casino Payment Option

Paysafecard casino payment method differs from other similar payment options in that it isn’t directly linked to a bank account and it doesn’t require funding a separate third party account elsewhere. So how does it work?

The Paysafecard is a pre paid debit card that can be used for most any online purchase including funding a casino account. One of the greatest advantages of the Paysafecard online casino payment method is its safety and security. Since it isn’t linked to any accounts or personal information there’s nothing to be lost or stolen. The other great thing about using it is its simplicity. If you can use a credit card you can use Paysafecard.

Getting started with the Paysafecard casino payment method is also easy. You can either purchase one in a retail outlet that offers them or you can purchase one online. If you buy one from a participating retail outlet (they are sold at gas stations, grocery stores and other shops) then you simply need to scratch off the area on the back of the card to reveal the PIN number. This number is the code that tells stores how much the card is worth. If you want to purchase the card online instead of in person then you'll receive the number in an email shortly after you complete the purchase.

Unfortunately, if you’re currently living in North America then you won’t be able to use the Paysafecard online casino payment option. However, it is available in a number of other countries including Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Austria. The card is funded in and provides credit Euros only. You can purchase a card in denominations of 10, 25, 50 or 100 Euros. Obviously though if you want to make a larger deposit you can combine cards to get to the total amount you want to deposit and up to 10 cards can be combined at any given time.

To get started at any of the participating Paysafecard casinos simply click on the Paysafe logo and then follow the directions to add you PIN code and the amount you want to deposit. It is worth noting though the card only supports the funding of casino accounts and cannot be used for withdrawals.