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Finding Mastercard Casinos

With over 1,000 participating Mastercard casinos there are plenty of choices available for players. However, how can you determine which are worth trying and which are better left alone? Also, which accept US players? Don't worry here at Casino Emperor we spent countless hours sorting through casinos to bring you a comprehensive listing of the web's very best Mastercard casinos.

Mastercard Casino Payment Method Security

Thanks to the advanced security and encryption devices developed over the last few years the Mastercard casino payment method is safer than ever before. Especially since the cards immediately report any suspicious activity to the bank or issuing company which will then call and verify the transaction with the account holder or cancel the transaction and re-issue a card.

On top of the SSL (secure socket layers) used when making Mastercard casino payments there's also the new SecureCode program. This program allows account holders to choose a unique code which is kept on file with the issuing company. It is then given at the time of the transaction like a PIN code and used to ensure that there isn't any fraudulent activity taking place at any of the paticipating Mastercard casinos.

About Casinos That Accept Mastercard

Another upside of using the Mastercard casino payment option is that the transfer of funds is processed immediately and there generally isn't a waiting period for funds to be cleared. This is excellent for when you just want to get started playing immediately at a new casino. While there are many casinos that accept Mastercard it's worth noting that not all of them are able to process the transactions. This is due to the fact that certain banks and credit card providers will not authorize transactions used for online gambling. This is especially a problem for US players since most banks wary of the new UIGEA legislation have put a blanket ban on transactions at any online casino.

While some will process Mastercard casino payments it may be worth checking with your card's financial institution to clarify their policy.

Most of the major casinos are able to accept Mastercard casino payments and have no issues processing payments. If your credit card doesn't work though you may be able to use a debit card instead and since most people have both types of cards it is easy enough to get around.