Finding Online Casino Match Bonuses

Find the most generous casino match bonuses on the web with our listing of current top bonus offers. Casino Emperor only offers the most generous and exclusive promotions from some of the most respected and established casinos in the business.

Casino Match Bonus Offers Explained

The casino match bonus is one of the most common types of deposit bonus. This type of bonus offers a percentage match based on your deposit amount. For example, a 100% match bonus means that if you deposit $200 you will receive a bonus of an additional $200, which gives you a starting bankroll of $400. This is opposed to casinos which offer a fixed bonus amount regardless of how much you've deposited.

The reason that casinos prefer to offer an online casino match bonus is that they control more of the risks of giving out free money using this method. While other types of bonuses (especially no deposit bonuses) are prone to abuse from less than honest players and bonus hunters this type of bonus requires a first deposit in order to receive any bonus money.

The online casino match bonuses given as a part of the welcome package are usually staggered to encourage players to stay longer and make subsequent deposits. These bonuses also encourage players to deposit more money into the casino because the greater the deposit they make the more bonus money they can receive. There are a few different levels of percentage based match bonuses which we’ve described below to help you more fully understand how they work and what you can expect.

50% or less casino match bonus – This is the smallest of the percentage based match bonus offers. Usually these are offered as preferred payment bonuses or as later deposit bonuses. A 50% bonus means that you get an extra 50% on top of whatever your deposit amount is. What this means is that if you deposit $200 you would then receive a 50% match bonus of $100 for free. That means that you’ll have an initial bankroll of $300 thanks to the free bonus of $100 from the casino.

100% casino match bonuses – These are by far the most common bonuses offered and have the benefit of being extremely easy to calculate since whatever you deposit is the amount you’ll receive as a bonus. So, if you make a $200 deposit you would receive a $200 bonus. This means that you’ll start with $400 to play with since the casino doubled your bankroll.

200% or more online casino match bonus – These higher amounts aren’t as common mainly because the higher the available bonus the higher the risk for the casino. That’s why often these larger bonuses include some serious wagering requirements which are much harder to fulfill than the 100% bonuses. However, using our $200 example again, you’ll receive a $400 bonus from the casino which gives you a total bankroll of $600 to start playing with.