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Consider our online casino games directory as the map that uncovers all questions regarding online gambling. With this kind of information at your disposal you will have more confidence before you even start to play casino games online.

Casino Emperor offers insight into the best online casino games as well as information on the actual websites that you will be visiting to play them. The goal of the casino game directory is to educate players with important pointers on how to approach the games and also learn about their background. You can then continue to play for real money or just for fun on free casino games that are offered.

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  • Poker - Poker is a card game that requires skill with a touch of luck. Many consider it one of the best online casino games to play.
  • Roulette - Even though roulette relies on chance, it attracts lots of interest because of its captivating game play.
  • Slots - Slots provide the most genuine casino feel out of all of the casino games online. It accurately simulates playing in a real casino.
  • Blackjack - Blackjack is another staple casino game which all online casinos offer with many interesting variations to choose from.
  • Keno -The origins of keno go back thousands of years and is based on lottery numbers that are randomly chosen.
  • Craps - Craps can be complicated but provides some of the best gambling odds. Try the demo version where you can practice free casino games while learning how to play.
  • Video Poker - Video poker is enjoyed by both advanced and beginner poker players because of its quick pace and it provides hours of entertainment.
  • Bingo - Bingo is one of the most easiest casino games online to understand. Anyone can win playing bingo.
  • Baccarat – Online baccarat is rapidly gaining popularity because more players are realizing how easy and fun it is to play.