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Calculating Online Card Odds

When calculating card odds it's important to remember that a standard deck of cards contains a total of 52 different cards. This holds true even when making calculations for online games. While online casinos use random generators these programs still simulate a 52 card deck and so the odds of getting certain cards remain the same as using a regular deck of cards. If you are trying to calculate odds for a variant game then obviously you'll have to adjust for the addition of decks or the removal of certain types of cards. However, in our examples we'll be assuming that a standard deck is being used and that it contains the number cards ranging from the ace (which equal 1) through 10, followed by the royals - Jack, Queen, King. All the cards will be one of four suits: a heart, a club, a diamond, and spade and hearts and diamonds are always red while spades and clubs are black. The standard deck contains 4 cards of each value (as in 4 aces, four kings, etc.) and 13 cards of each suit. These are all the standard components you'll need to keep in mind when trying to calculate the online card odds.

So, if the Jack of Spades is drawn from the deck then replaced and the deck reshuffled what are the card odds of drawing another Jack of Spades? This is actually a trick question since the fact that the Jack of Spades was dealt the first time has no bearing on its being drawn again. Decks of cards don't have memories and as most card players can tell you it's entirely possible to keep getting the same hands over a short period of time. So, cards can't be due to come up or less likely to come up because you've seen them a few times already. The answer to the question will always be 1/52. So here are a few more examples of calculating online card odds. What are the chances of drawing a seven? Well, since there are four sevens out of 52, that gives us 4/52 which can be reduced to 1 in 13. What are the chances of getting a spade? As there are a possible 13 spades out of 52 total cards that means there is 13/52 which is a 1 in 13 chance of getting a particular suit on the first draw.

Calculating Online Casino Blackjack Odds

Now let’s take a look at online casino blackjack odds. Blackjack typical offers a house edge of around .80% a much lower edge than roulette. So let’s assume that you are betting 30 credits a hand and that your blackjack table is averaging about 70 hands in an hour. 30 credits multiplied by 70 hands means that you are spending 2,100 credits per hour. If you are using good blackjack strategy then the casino should only take .80% meaning you should stand to lose a measly 16.8 credits. The low house edge on blackjack is why many players prefer to play it when clearing bonuses as it allows them a greater chance at keeping most of the bonus money.

Obviously these are pretty basic online blackjack odds and there are more detailed probability charts out there which account for more factors. However, the points made here hold true. Those points being that certain games offer a much greater advantage for players than others and that if you play using proper strategy you win more than lose over time.

If you're looking for the odds of baccarat you'll find them under our table game odds section since it is predominantly seen as a table game rather than strictly a card game.