The Dark Knight gets a dedicated website

Batman's return to the world of online casinos has been a stunning success, so the fact that the slot game, which is called The Dark Knight, now has its very own website should not come as a huge surprise in all honesty.

However, it is certainly a bit surprising - and we mean it in the very best sense of the word - to see that the website is as good as it is. The website, which has been designed in a very thematic style, allows players to learn all the important info about the slot game's gameplay and features. It also takes an in-depth look at the progressive jackpot, which has already attracted plenty of attention.

Visitors can also browse through various guides and even look at the history of Batman and Joker and learn something interesting about the two characters. We have not seen any better websites out there, so go ahead and check it out - you are not going to be disappointed!