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Playtech Launches Wild Games

Wild Games is a new Olympic themed slot already live at Playtech casinos such as Casino Tropez.

A cheetah runs in the 100 meter sprint, a bulldog tries his paw at free style swimming and a hippo participates in the gymnastics event in Playtech's new slot, Wild Games.

The bonus symbols are gold, silver and bronze medals. Three of the same medal triggers the Win a Medal Bonus, which awards generous cash payouts.

Three cheetahs trigger the 100M Dash bonus, which awards 8 free spins and a medal. During the free spins, each medal becomes an extra wild, along with other wild bonuses.

Three bulldogs trigger the Freestyle Swim bonus. This operates in much the same win as the 100M Dash bonus. However, during the free spins additional free spins are triggered: 4 for gold, 3 for silver and 2 for bronze.

Three hippos trigger the Balance Beam Bonus. During the free spins, the average of the judges’ points for the hippo's gymnastic performance- between 6 and 10- is the multiplier for the free spins.