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Virgin Casino Releases New Slots Game on First Wednesday of 2012

Throughout 2011, Virgin Casino had steadily released a new game almost every Wednesday.  Keeping with their tradition, the online casino has released its first new online casino game on the first Wednesday of the new year called Crazy Slots.

Virgin Casino’s Crazy slots features free spins and the chance to earn bonus points.  It has one master reel that consists of a vertical strip with three spots.  At the start of the game, the single reel spins until it reveals three symbols.  Below this reel are four other three reel Slots that don’t move.

Players are given the opportunity to select a Slot where they can place the combination from the main reel.   At this point, a player must attempt to place the symbols in the Slots in a certain way so that when all three reels are complete they create winning combos in the paylines.  During the game, players are given hints to create the best combination.